“LAKSHMI” Scientific and Production Ltd. Co a developer and supplier of the Automatic Design and Control System AutoKroy, and its labour collective has for many years successfully resolved the problem of automated design of clothes within the framework of the State scientific and technological programs of the Republic of Belarus, and it has the priority in the given field. Developers of the Automatic Design and Control System AutoKroy hope that creative solutions and practical benefits of the system would attract specialists, and this would become the first step on the way to the fruitful cooperation.

What is AutoKroy?

  • High productivity:
    creation of the model design   -  5- 40 min.,
    working templates for all typical sizes  -  by 5 hours.
  • Unlimited opportunities for specialists of various qualification levels.
  • Best design solutions, well-proved in the practical work. 
  • Highly precise technical multiplication of templates.
  • Multifunctional and flexible  software.
  • Minimal expenditures for equipment.