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AutoKroy is a complex solution of the tasks of automation of design and technological preparation of women’s, men’s and children’s clothes, including special clothes and uniforms made of textile and knitted fabrics. By its functional and intellectual capacities, the automation level it excels the well-known analogues, including ones supplied to CIS from abroad.

We offer the following automated design systems of AutoKroy family:


Every system only includes its respective subsystem “Basic structures”, rest subsystems are invariant. All subsystems possess powerful intellectual interface by providing easy mastering and operation.

Every software product (system) consists of five main sub-systems:

The outlet subsystem is intended for transfer to a printer:
• of reference information (features of the structure, basic inlet and estimated parameters, tolerances);
• of tables of calculation of main structural sections;
• of specifications;
• of templates and apportions in scale and in the natural value for any standard imported plotter.

Subsystem of introduction and gradation  of imported templates 
carries out:
• introduction of templates in  DXF format and rules of their gradation in the electronic form;
• automatic technical multiplication by the rules  of gradation of the country – manufacturer of templates;
• adjustment (application/removal of the base thread and incisions, contour transformation, division of parts, etc.);
• apportion of templates in the interactive mode.

Archive of models has the original structure, which is transparent for the user. In the archive each model can be identified not only by the name, but also by a technical pattern or a digital photo.